Dry Suit Service

We carry out a full range of dry suit servicing



We perform a full range of repairs and wetsuit modifications/adjustments, for any of the water sports.


Diving equipment service/legalizations

We service automats (all types and companies) as well as we carry out UDT verification of all types of cylinders


Cylinder filling

We offer refilling of any legalized cylinder with the following gases:






Diving products

Through many years of experience in working with neoprene we make many interesting and useful solutions such as:

-shield for Rebrither cylinders

-scooter cover

-wing harness strap covers

-other/according to your own ideas


Vacu (aprons/skirts)

We carry out complete repairs of all types of belts.

As the oldest manufacturer of the sealing aprons (also called girdles or skirts) of Vacu type, we offer sales of any type of belts in any size.

Our products are characterized by:


thanks to the use of top quality neoprene and additives as well as unique cut, our skirts last much longer than our competitors’ products


most belts on the market are sewn all the way through, which not only loads the pump in the whole device (leading to much faster wear and tear) but also gives much worse effects on the users (which in turn translates into their dissatisfaction and lack of desire to return to exercise)


Transmission belts

we produce neoprene transmission belts HD used for PET packaging of any length, thickness and width


Other products

many years of experience working with neoprene gave excellent results of the highest quality products not necessarily related to the diving itself We produce all kinds of products, among others:

-Photograph straps

-Damper covers

-Belts for eyeglasses

-Offer unlimited (whatever your heart desires)