Product Price



tightness test 60,-
repair of leaks  individual pricing
Replacement of wrist cuffs  
with customer wrist cuffs 180,-
bottled 240,-
tapered type GATES/HUNTER 280,-
Neck orifice replacement  
from customer with orifice 180,-
latex/neoprene 240,-
Fitting of a gas-tight lock  
with customer’s lock 450,-
watertight lock 720,-
gas-tight lock 950,-
sleeves from*  260,-
legs from* 340,-
torso from* 450,-
Extension/expansion of  
sleeves from* 340,-
legs from* 420,-
torso from* 500,-
Gluing in of rings  
without adjustment 140,-
sleeve narrowing/widening from* 240,-
gluing in neck ring with sitech ring (set) 495,-
Pasting in of pockets  
with customer pocket 120,-
cordura 280,-
cordura CARGO type (zipper)  340,-
Boot gluing (only with customer’s boots)  
without fitting 280,-
narrowing/widening the leg from* 360,-
Bonding of socks  
crash-neoprene with Kevlar backing 390,-
latex socks 280,-
Gluing in a neoprene hood  
with customer hood from* 120,-
hood with face cuff and valve 340,-
Gluing / sewing knee patches  
cordura 360,-
Kevlar rubberized on 1mm neoprene 420,-
fitting of cap 60,-
replacement of facial cuff in hood 100,-
enlargement / narrowing of the neoprene neck orifice 60,-
gluing/fitting of harnesses 220,-
sewing in of the external zipper cover made of cordura 280,-
gluing in of neoprene neck warmer 210,-
installation of pressure relief valve 75,-
relocation of pressure relief valve 160,-



repair of tears individual pricing
wetsuit fitting  individual pricing
Zipper replacement  
short YKK 80,-
long metal YKK 160,-
long metal YKK slide on the slat  240,-
replacement of slide  55,- 
replacement of collar from* 70,-
replacement of face cuff in hood 80,-
replacement of knee patch from* 60,- (1szt)
replacement of double cuff with zipper 150,- (1szt)
replacement of pseudo sleeves from* 70,- (1szt)
Installation of relief valve 
pinch (bird) 110,-
strip valve (relief valve) 150,-


Automatics inspection/service  
standard 75,- (od każdego st.)
for oxygen purity 90,- (od każdego st.)
oxygen regulator with flow meter 172,- (od każdego st.)
Cylinder legalization  
single cylinder 100,-
twinset 219,-
Cylinder valve service (replacement of o-rings, cleaning in ultrasonic cleaner)  
single 50,- or 70,- (for oxygen purity)
single with extension/double 60,- or 80,- (for oxygen purity)
twin/manifold 80,- or 100,- (for oxygen purity)
cylinder valve plug replacement 68,-
valve straightening/threading 40,-
cylinder cleaning/cleaning 60,-
inspection/servicing of jackets from* 50,-
cleaning/washing with ultrasonic cleaner 60,-


air 1,5 to 200bar,- (for 1 liter of cylinder capacity min. 5 PLN)
air 2,5,- up to 300bar (per liter of cylinder capacity min. 5 PLN)
nitrox up to 40% 3,5,-
up to 50% 4,5,-
up to 70% 5,5,-
over 70% 7,5,-
technical oxygen 7,5,- (min. 10 PLN)
medical oxygen (pumping without re-analysis) 25,65,- (min 50 PLN)


3mm 110,-
5mm 115,-
7mm 120,-
feet 85,-
with kevlar bottom 230,-
bike 330,-
short 169,-
on orifice 231,-
on flex orifice 363,-
on orifice with cuff and valve 280,-
on orifice with flex valve 410,-
for dry 260,-
to flex dry with zipper 450,-
terrorist soothskin (full) 280,-
terrorist smoothskin flex 430,-
under helmet (insulator) 110,-
headband  72,-
pilot bag  135,-
Cylinder cover  
reb 150,- szt.
4L 150,-
10L without bottom 150,-
12L without bottom 160,-
15L without bottom 170,-
kevlar cylinder foot (for the pool) 150,-
bottle collar (for swimming pool) 130,-
for flashlight from* 60,-
for watch computer 60,-
for suspenders (neoprene tubes) 100,- (2pcs)
harness with velcro 140,- (2pcs)
trapeze bag for dry suit 105,-
Slimming belt 
size. S 120,-
size. M/L 140,-
size. XL 160,-
Neoprene sheets 1m2(net prices) 
3mm glat 200,-
3mm glat flex 300,-
3mm jersey 220,-
3mm lycra 280,-
3mm lycra flex 420,-
5mm glat 230,-
5mm glat flex 350,-
5mm jersey 270,-
5mm lycra flex 450,-
7mm lycra flex 300,-
7mm lycra flex 480,-


Other products  
Spódnice/fartuchy typu VACU  
one piece
wholesale quantities individual pricing
transmission belts  
transmission belts individual pricing